Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

FEW interviews Female Entrepreneur, Anina Ho, on how to run and sustain an E-Commerce business.


Banyan Workspace

Banyan workspace is a boutique co-working environment with roots in sustainability and eco-responsibility. Located in Quarry Bay.
Camera Assistant: Ollie Rodgers


Move to Be Moved

Teaser (no sound) for an improvised dance film titled ‘Move to Be Moved’. Film is currently in post-production. 

Directed by Zaha Rafeeq 

Film by Gemma Harrad (Studio Six) 

Photos by Alejandra Bernal Acosta


Photography for Hong Kong Jewellery brand, Re-Attach. Their unique pieces serve as wearable reminders to love yourself.

Creative film is currently in production. 

Output Fitness

Photos for the Repulse Bay gym’s website and social media.

Cosmopolitan China

Ellie Suh’s (Illustrator) portrait featured in Cosmopolitan China’s September 2020 issue

Vogue Hong Kong 

Derek Cheng & Alex Po’s, (of fashion brand Ponder.er) portraits featured in Vogue Hong Kong’s May 2020 issue
Mihn Gallery

Mihn Gallery is an independant art gallery and venue who support emerging Artists. Stardust was the gallery’s first group exhibition with all female artists.



Mitawa lookbook 
Videography: Gemma Harrad
Photography: Stephanie Teng
Photography Assistant: Gemma Harrad



Indica is a fashion brand that empowers young girls. This is a kickstarter campaign that features the campaign video I made for this project. 


Rosewood Hotel

Digital Screen designs to promote Rosewood Hotel’s steakhouse restaurant “Henry”.

Images pictured are mockups of the digital screens at K11 where the digital screen will be advertised.


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